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What Was Possible God Made Known

If the experiences and other answers provided in this book were accounted for in any of the many books I have read, then there is a certainty that I would have been spared the agony and the loss of time and other resources due to ignorance and a misguided lifestyle.

The tabooed subject of demons is reserved for fiction and is considered the figment of the imagination of the people of the medieval times. It is now fashionable to dismiss the subject based on one’s status and the persons with whom one associates. The book accounts for personal encounters with the unseen and details the painful struggles of the author to break from the grip of an orchestrated demonic spell.

The book declares also that the theory of evolution, by its own account of the process, irreversibly leads to a supreme being. Disaster, disease, and destruction provide knowledge necessary in the eternal state, and God is unwilling to let mankind enter eternity as ignoramuses. There are benefits to be gained from the materials of this book, and I believe the experiences and thoughts shared will improve in significant ways the lot of every reader and others with whom they share these gains.